VIP Clubbing Limo Services

Hawaii VIP Clubbing Limo Services

Hawaii VIP Clubbing Limo Service

There are a lot of people that go out and enjoy going to various clubs throughout the night into the early morning. It’s one of the perks of Hawaii’s nightlife.

With so many venues and places to check out, driving around may not be the best idea especially if you enjoy having a drink or two. Did you know the legal blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is 0.08%? If some of you said “yes”, did you also know that even if you test below that level you could still get arrested for even being considered under the influence? The consequences are critical. Suspension of driver’s license, fines, or even jail time. Is it really worth driving from club to club with your friends?

Here’s a simple solution, VIP Clubbing with Luxury Limo Hawaii.

If not driving under the influence isn’t convincing enough we do have an offer you club hoppers that may spark some interest. If you don’t already have VIP access at certain places, look no further. Have a VIP Clubbing kind of night with Luxury Limo Hawaii and we will show you how to party.

We offer our guests VIP access to certain nightclubs and venues which you can ask upon booking with us.

Ride like a VIP, feel like VIP and be treated like one too. Because of course, you are a VIP! Don’t make the mistake of getting a cramped vehicle to drive you around. Go in with a few people from your squad, book yourselves a party bus for the night, and party the night away.

Whether you going to Ginza Nightclub, Blue Note Hawaii, The District Nightclub, Rumours, Addiction Nightclub, or all of the above, we will take care of getting you there and safely back to where you choose.

With clubbing in Hawaii usually comes drinking, dancing, and really fun times. That’s why safety as our number one priority. So, feel confident that when you pre-game in luxury and drink at the first club, second, or the third club, Luxury Limo Hawaii will provide safe transportation for you and your VIP party.

Call us today at (808) 375-2481 or you may get an instant quote and reserve online using our secure online booking form.

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