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It took nine long months for you to be created. And finally the day has arrived and you were born. This day is very remarkable. Not only to you but to your friends and family too. I mean if you weren’t born they wouldn’t be able to lay eyes on your charming face, or witness your magnetic personality, right? Exactly.

At Luxury Limo Hawaii, we totally understand. Your birthday celebration is going to be awesome, just like you. An easy way to do that with your friends and family is by getting a party bus with us. Party all night long and celebrate your birthday as you were meant to.

When planning your birthday, or if you’re planning a birthday party for someone else, remember this story of a girl named Sally.

It’s Sally’s birthday. She’s feeling awesome and looking great. It took her two hours to get dressed and another for her perfect hair. And finally, her ride comes to pick her up. It slowly pulls up to the curb spitting out clouds of smoke that cover her line of sight. It slowly starts to clear. Sally and all of her close friends wait in anticipation for the smoke to clear and see their stunning ride appear in front of them. To their startling surprise was a busted, old, and rusty vehicle. Let’s just say their breath was taken away, but not in a good way. Don’t be like Sally.

Luxury Limo Hawaii offers only the best luxury transportation for the people of Oahu.

Our vehicles are the newest fleet in all of Hawaii. All amenities are top notch including sound systems and high-end electronics built in so that you may party and celebrate going from destination to destination. We offer aservice bar in our buses to keep your thirst at bay. Our comfy seats will keep you feeling very at home, but you won’t be doing too much sitting when you hear the music bumping.

Whether you want to go to dinner, to a club, or just simply drive around all night for your birthday with your close knit friends, we can take care of you.

“Happy Birthday” is a phrase everyone says to you on your special day, right? Allow us at Luxury Limo Hawaii to make that statement true. With our reliable drivers taking your party around Oahu in the best party buses and limousines on the island, it will be nothing less than a happy birthday!

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